High frequency trading (HFT) software

TradeStation developer since 2001 and a programmer for Quant Traders.



TradeStation, Currenex, Oanda, and Coinroute are the platforms used in the Quant Trading systems we’ve developed


The AutoShark platform takes your TradeStation® strategy signals and automates their execution on the FX trading platform. This trading platform, AutoShark, is designed to be powerful, flexible, and accurate, meeting the needs of complex institutional trading departments. Yet, it is also simple and efficient enough for an individual trader. AutoShark supports the execution of an unlimited number of strategies, working across any number of time frames, on any or all of the Forex pairs available for trading

The AutoShark™ interface provides you with the capability to seamlessly connect your charting application, such as TradeStation 10.0, and automate trading in the Forex markets with precision.”


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Our major partners have conducted well over 50 billion in transactions since the onset of COVID2021