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Introducing AutoShark – An Evolution in Automated Trading

Building on a rich legacy that began in 2007 with our groundbreaking software, Trade Companion, we are proud to introduce AutoShark – the future of automated trading in the foreign exchange industry.

Trade Companion set the stage with its pioneering technology, offering FX market participants a revolutionary way to automate their strategies across a multi-bank platform. It provided the freedom to choose between fully automated or semi-automated signals, thus catering to a diverse range of institutional and retail clients.

But as market dynamics evolved and technology advanced, so did our vision. We took the strengths of Trade Companion, incorporated feedback from countless users, and channelled it all into the creation of AutoShark.

AutoShark continues the tradition of providing a platform for automated trading, but with enhanced features, streamlined operations, and a focus on user experience. It’s designed for today’s finance-savvy investor, providing a robust, flexible product that caters to both institutional and retail clients.

With AutoShark, clients still have the freedom to choose between automated and semi-automated trading signals. However, the product now offers improved integration with multiple banking systems, superior liquidity, and faster trading speeds.

AutoShark also maintains our dedication to fair and competitive pricing, a principle that has guided us since the days of Trade Companion. By leveraging our unique API interface, which routes into multi-bank providers, AutoShark ensures that clients receive the most advantageous pricing, avoiding unnecessary costs and spreads.

In partnership with leading liquidity providers like BGC, AutoShark supports multiple strategies on multiple currency pairs. It integrates seamlessly with platforms such as TradeStation, allowing orders to be executed effortlessly, without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Moreover, the back-office functionality has been enhanced, allowing for efficient allocation of trades after a bulk trade execution. This allows money managers to focus on their strategy, saving time on back-office tasks.

Welcome to AutoShark – the culmination of our experience, insight, and commitment to providing the best automated trading platform in the foreign exchange industry.

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