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Meet the Insiders. The team has spent many years working together, merging complex and diverse ideas into working trading and investment strategies and systems. Our success stems from our energy-driven culture and the synergies derived from a multidisciplinary team. We bring unique expertise in market analysis, strategy development, software programming, trading, and risk management. The team is led by our founder Franco Dimuccio, a 20-year Tradestation Developer recognized worldwide as an innovator and developer of trading strategies and automation software systems. He has worked for some of the industry’s largest firms such as Deutsche bank, Tradestation and Cantor Fitzgerald. Click here to read the full article in e-Forex Apr WEB 1

Why Us ?

We help the world’s leading companies drive predictable revenue and profitability growth by optimizing sales organization performance.

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NEO4FX has worked with 65% of the Top Brokers in WallStreet and London
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Trained over 200 traders and developed trading desks for major firms in London
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Developed software programs in over 5 countries
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20 straight years working in the City of London

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Software developers
  • Worked in the City with top banks and hedge funds
  • Interactive one on one support
  • Extensive knowledge of the markets
  • Fix Protocol Tradestation Ninja MT4 programmers
  • Experienced and expert on trading platforms and programming

Autoshark is all about the trader and our mission is to make you successful.We work with developers and traders to improve  trading performance and deliver trading results.