What is the AutosharkTrading System ?

The Autoshark Trading System is a proprietary trading method designed to capitalise on trading opportunities within the financial markets. The methodology is based on ‘Price’ and the repetitive patterns that occur many times within the trading day. We also use a moderate number of technical indicators to help validate our trade entries and trade management. The methodology provides exact trading rules for market entry, stop placement and profit targets. It is a highly profitable methodology which offers minimal risk when seeking substantial profits.

What markets can I trade with the AutosharkTrading System ?

The Autoshark Trading System can be applied to any financial market. Most commonly our traders focus on the Futures markets but it is equally adept at trading Equities or the Foreign Exchange markets with equal success.

What timeframes can I use with the Autoshark Trading System ?

The methodology can be applied to any timeframe that a trader desires. Whether it be faster timeframes for scalp traders, medium term for swing traders or longer term for position traders. The Neopolis Trading System is applicable to all timeframes and all types of trader.

What trading platforms can I use the Autoshark Trading System on ?

Currently, we are offering the methodology on Tradestation and the MT4 platform. We are continuing to develop the system parameters and protocols and will be adding further platforms as they become available.

How much Trading Capital do I need to trade theAutoshark System ?

Many Brokers offer very low margin rates and allow traders to trade with as little as $500 per contract on some instruments. We however, recommend that you having a starting capital of $5000.00 minimum. This will ensure that you are properly funded, can withstand any drawdown and are not applying undue pressure to both yourself and your account.

How much is the Autoshark Trading System?

The price for the Autoshark  Trading System is £500 GBP which includes two hours of personal coaching, technical indicators and an accompanying trading manual. Most traders will find this sufficient to understand the methodology and progress onto Simulated Trading. For other traders who may like to spend more time learning the system or require further clarification, then further personal coaching is available at £100 GBP per hour.

Do you offer a Free Trial ?

Due to the nature of the system and its proprietary information we are unable to provide a Free Trial. Please contact Autoshark Systems info@Autoshark .co.uk for more information and we shall endeavour to answer all your queries.
Do you teach the Neopolis Trading System Methodology ?
Yes we do, if you purchase the Autoshark Trading Methodology then you will receive two hours of complimentary personal coaching. If you would like further personal coaching then you may purchase extra hours and use the time to enhance your understanding of the method. You may however, wish to utilise the time to learn further aspects of trading such as personal trading developing, money management techniques or the psychology of trading. For more details please visit www.neopolis.co.uk/education

How much Trading Experience do I need ?

The Autoshark Trading System is able to be traded by any level of trader. Whether you are just starting out on your trading career or a veteran trader then the Neopolis System will work or you. We would recommend that you have a working understanding of your chosen trading platform as this will assist your progress. If however, you do require help and assistance to navigate and orientate yourself with your platform then we will be happy to help.
It does need to be understood that there are many contributory factors to becoming a successful trader. A profitable methodology is only one aspect and a trader needs to understand that there are many other variables which will need to be addressed. Such areas as: Trading Discipline, Money Management and personal Trading Development – all of which we can help you with during the Education process.

Can I trade Forex and Stocks as well as Futures ?

Yes you can, the Autoshark Trading System was designed to work on all markets and all timeframes. We understand that there are many different ‘Trading Personas’ that seek preferential markets and as such we have developed the methodology with this in mind.

How often does the Autoshark Trading System trade ?

Active traders who like to be very busy in the market will find many trading opportunities in any given trading day. The number of trades that the system provides is very much dependent on the timeframe with which you wish to trade. We understand that all traders have different requirements and therefore will choose timeframes to suit their personal needs.

What kind of Support will I receive from Autoshark Systems ?

The Autoshark Trading System was developed to create profitability in the financial markets and our utmost goal is to see you succeed. We offer a lifetime of FREE email support once you have completed your education where will answer any and all of your questions. You may wish to take further education with us on other aspects of trading but ultimately our desire is to see you become a profitable trader and earn independent financial freedom.